WWEx Team

Our Team & Vision

At WWEx, our team comprises dedicated individuals who share a common vision of transforming the international money exchange landscape. We understand the challenges that people face in sending money across borders – trust issues, anxiety until funds reach their loved ones, and the unfortunate prevalence of scam activities. We are committed to putting an end to these issues and creating a transparent and reliable money exchange service that people can trust.


Founder & Managing Director

Ketheshwaran, our Founder and Managing Director, is the visionary behind WWEx. His journey has been shaped by a desire to alleviate the pain points he once experienced when sending money internationally. He envisions a world where financial transactions are transparent, secure, and free from uncertainty. Ketheshwaran's mission is to provide individuals and businesses with a seamless and trustworthy platform for international money transfers.

Nitharsana Rasaratnam

Country Coordinator

Nitharsana plays a pivotal role as our Country Coordinator. Her responsibilities involve overseeing the coordination of our services across with in the country. She ensures that our operations comply with local regulations and that customers receive consistent, high-quality service. Nitharsana's dedication stems from her passion for creating a financial ecosystem where individuals can effortlessly navigate international money transfers with confidence.

Amit Das

Customer care & Client Relationship Manager

Amit is the face of WWEx when it comes to building strong client relationships. His mission is to provide you with personalized attention and guidance. Amit's commitment to understanding your unique financial needs ensures that your experience with WWEx goes beyond satisfaction. He is dedicated to helping you achieve your financial goals and ensuring your complete satisfaction.


Technical Wizard

Danushka is our Technical Wizard, ensuring that clients' money transfer processes are as smooth as silk. With a touch of tech magic, he makes sure your transactions happen seamlessly. He's the one who ensures that behind-the-scenes technicalities don't disrupt your financial flow.


Business Development Wizard & Customer care

Minisha is our Business Development Wizard, bringing her expertise and strategic vision to our team. She plays a pivotal role in identifying new growth opportunities for WWEx and expanding our reach in the industry. With Minisha's insights and dedication, we are well-positioned to forge new partnerships and drive our mission to provide the best international money exchange services.


Strategic Advisor

Andrew, our Strategic Advisor, brings a wealth of strategic expertise to our team. He plays a crucial role in guiding our long-term vision. With Andrew's insights, we continuously innovate and improve our services, always aiming to set new industry standards. His strategic direction is instrumental in our journey to become the leading provider of international money transfers.